Lessons learnt from lockdown

BY Isabella Munford

Life has changed immeasurably over the last 18 months. We have lost and we have gained, however above all we have changed. With society slowing down, our ability to think outside the box and to seize each moment has only sped up.  We have realised what is important and nourishing to us, finding enjoyment in the most banal. A walk in the park or a favourite TV show, now a highlight.  Through loss we have found strength and community; through our efforts to vaccinate, to protect our most vulnerable and to team together wearing our PPE to keep each other safe. Although we may have been locked indoors alone, I cannot recall a time in which we have ever come together more. I hope that going forwards, we take with us these attributes, slowing down to speed up and treasuring each moment no matter how ordinary. As I reflect on the past year and a half and as lockdown eases and a sense of normality kicks in, I wondered what others have learnt from this time and how they will be taking forward these lessons learned during lockdown. Here are some thoughts from some of The Nucleus team members:

Ana Marques, Graphic Designer

“During lockdown, my appreciation towards the power of habit grew exponentially. Creating a schedule of items, such as reading, meditating, drawing and exercising, to which I devoted time on a daily basis (even if only 10-15 minutes) provided me with a sense of stability and wellbeing that supported me through challenging times. These routines continue to be part of my daily life and the resulting incremental progression, as well as benefits, become clearer to observe with every day that passes.” – Ana Marques, Graphic Designer

“During lockdown, my appreciation towards the power of habit grew exponentially.”

Vincent Giampietro, Editor

“When the first lockdown started, I quickly realised that I was spending far too long sitting in front of a computer, much more than ever before, and it was hard to disconnect from work. In addition to long walks, I therefore decided as a lockdown project to start reading all the books in the house that I hadn’t read. I obsessionally went through everything, from novels to textbooks, from children’s books to Tesco magazines. Just as I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my antilibrary, bookshops and public libraries have reopened… wish me luck!” – Vincent Giampietro, Editor

Alicja Krawczun-Rygmaczewska, Co-Founder

“To me, the truly challenging months of the pandemic came when I started my PhD in November 2020. It involved moving to Italy, in the wake of the second Covid wave, learning yet another education system and adjusting to a new culture. I was desperate for an in-person lecture or a seminar. After a few weeks of stress and confusion I realised that, paradoxically, the pandemic situation has worked in my favour. I had almost full access to an abundance of seminars, workshops, and conferences from all over the world. All I had to do was connect to the online event I was interested in. This was when it hit me: I am the person responsible for my further education. And due to the pandemic forcing everyone into the online, I am able to outsource and cherry-pick the most excellent content out there…which I will strongly recommend to anyone looking for scientific inspiration!” – Alicja Krawczun-Rygmaczewska, Co-Founder

Hopefully, we are coming to the end of arduous lockdowns. Nonetheless, hearing the positive lessons learnt from my colleagues highlights that, even in times of isolation, we are resilient.

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