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What is The Nucleus?

A nucleus is many things. In the nervous system, it is a centre where neurons cluster together. In space, it is the head of a comet. In physics, it is the centre of an atom. In the body, it is the cell’s essential epicentre of information. Universally, a nucleus is a significant and central basis for the growth of everything around it. The Nucleus magazine takes its inspiration from these definitions and aims to become a centre for scientific news, articles, opinions, interviews, and more at King’s College London.


The Nucleus is an open access online science magazine based at King’s College London. It is a collaborative project between students and staff at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. We want to create an inclusive space for current and past students, staff and guest writers to publish a broad range of pieces ranging from research to opinion. New writers are particularly welcome. At the Nucleus, we strive to publish high quality science journalism that is accessible, informative, and enjoyable for readers. To receive/view our detailed writers information pack, please click here.

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